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Status of Isla Del Sol August 28th at 6 PM


To date our subdivision has done very well, with minimal damage:

During the storm we had only a small surge with the highest measured water height one foot below the top of the canal bulkhead.  It is currently about 2 feet below. 

The fishing pier and boat launch piers are all in good order

One of the mail boxes at the front entry fell over, however it has been repaired.

Minor damage to a couple of homes that include a few missing fascia boards.

Boats left in slings appear to be in good condition.  Boats left in driveways are as left.

Electric power has been mostly on. 

Last evening at approximately 9 PM, a transformer that services the homes on the canal side of Bridge Harbor exploded, and approximately 17 homes are without power.  Center Point is aware of the problem.

No reports of problems with TV or Internet Services.

Residents that hunkered down are a checking on each other and all are well.

FM 3005 is open and clear.


With the potential of a storm please store all outside personal and lawn items.  Store anything that could become flying debris.
The outlook for Tropical Storm Harvey is decidedly more complicated this morning. The bad news is that Harvey is intensifying rapidly and likely to be a hurricane prior to landfall. Landfall is expected to be on the central Texas coast near Corpus Christi. There is currently a Tropical Storm Warning and Storm Surge Watch in effect for Brazoria, Ft Bend, Harris and Galveston County.
Hurricane Warnings are in effect from Port Mansfield to Matagorda. Based upon trends today...that could be extended further north. The main problems we are facing with this is that 1) steering currents are weak...thereby offering many possibilities for further movement from stalling near the coast, to drifting around over South Texas to drifting east or northeast towards the Houston-Galveston areas. Every one of these scenarios would bring different impacts locally and 2) upper-level conditions will be favoring intensification through the next 48-hours.
The bottom line: there is a good chance we will see torrential rains....perhaps lingering into Monday or Tuesday if the storm drifts in our direction and heavy rains if it heads more over South Texas, we should have tropical storm winds or wind gusts from tomorrow night into Saturday or Sunday, and high tides, though the extent of these will be dependent upon the track and intensity of the storm as well as how long and where it lingers. Currently, a good guess might be somewhat similar to what we saw in Hurricane Claudette in July, 2003.
Since we continue to have so many unknowns, the best thing is to be prepared for most contingencies and hope for the best.