Annual Members Meetings
  • chevron_right· Is it important for me to attend the Annual Meeting & where are they held? (Updated)
    Yes. The Annual Meeting is held in October and is one of the most important events of your association each year. The annual meeting is normally a forum intended to attract the participation of all association members. Owners are given a unique opportunity to receive information from the Board of Directors relative to board actions during the previous year and to learn about plans for the upcoming year. While, the main item of business is the election of the board of directors the annual meeting also allows owners to speak out on important issues. This is your opportunity to meet your neighbors and find out what is going on in your community. A notice is mailed to every Property Owner.

Architectural Control Committee
  • chevron_right· Do I have to belong to the association and pay homeowner fees?
    This depends on what the CC&R’s state for your community. In most association, all owners must belong to the association. And, most owners must pay homeowner fees. In your Association as an owner of property you are a member and must pay the annual fees.
  • chevron_right· Who decides how much I have to pay in homeowner fees?
    Normally, the Board of Directors of the Association establishes the annual operating budget and reserve requirements. The governing documents set forth how the assessment is to be levied. For instance, owner fees are assessed in the same amount to all owners based on the original plat.
  • chevron_right· How do I pay my homeowner fees?
    Once the annual budget has been adopted, you will receive a statement approximately 30 days prior to the new budget year. This statement will have details of the amount of your payment and the address for mailing your payment.  You can pay by check or credit card online at https://cabpayments.mutualofomahabank.com/
  • chevron_right· What happens if I do not make my payment on time?
    It is customary for the Board of Directors to adopt a Resolution, which sets forth the payment deadlines as well as a late fee and finance charges to be imposed if the payment is not received by the due date. This late fee and finance charges are added to your account.   The CC&R’s will also state remedies for collection, which may include lien enforcement.
Board Meetings
Board of Directors
  • chevron_right· What is the role of the Board of Directors and how are they elected?
    The Board of Directors of an association may act on behalf of the association as outlined in the governing documents of the Association. In the performance of their duties, officers and members of the board of directors shall exercise the care required of fiduciaries. Owners elect the Board of Directors at the annual meeting of the homeowners association.
Deed Restrictions
  • chevron_right· Are there neighborhood inspections and when do they occur?
    Monthly inspections are conducted. The purpose of the inspections is to check all the lots and homes for noncompliance issues of the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions. The inspection report is given to a designated Board member who reviews the letter and authorizes the mailing of any letters to a member.  Please review the Deed Restriction document located in the document section of the website or contact CKM Property Management.
  • chevron_right· What do I need to know about the Declaration and Bylaws?
    The underlying documents of the community association, apart from state law, are the Declarations, also referred to as Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&R's) and the Bylaws. Declarations or CC&R's are the constitutional law of the association. The Declarations define the limits and inclusions of ownership for the owners and the association. Bylaws define the laws and operating procedures of the association. Bylaws detail the framework for governing the association that is authorized in the declaration. They address the association's structure, the board, the officers, definition of a quorum, ability to enter into contracts, etc.
  • chevron_right· What is a lien?
    The Associations' Attorney can file a legal document setting forth the Associations claim against an owner if maintenance fees, late fees, legal fees and other assessments are not paid. A lien encumbers the property and remains as a cloud on the title until paid.  The lien is established in the restrictions.
  • chevron_rightHow do I get an Isla Del Sol mailbox & key?
    Visit the Galveston Post Office on Broadway, and ask to get a mail box at the Isla Del Sol community mail box cluster. You will be asked to complete a simple form, but make sure you take proof of ownership--either closing documents, a recent property tax statement, etc. You may be charged a one time fee of $35.
    Within 3 to 5 days, the letter carrier assigned to IDS will call you and set up a time to give you your new mailing address and keys.
  • chevron_rightWhat kind of wild animals live on Galveston Island
    The following wildlife live and have been seen on Galveston Island:
    snakes, alligators, coyote’s, red wolves, rabbits rats, raccoons, armadillos, feral hogs, and deer. 
    There are also many species of Birds and Aquatic life.
    Please keep dogs on a leash and do not allow small dogs out alone as they are easy prey for coyote's, wolves, and alligators.
  • chevron_rightWho do I call for potholes and street repairs
    City of Galveston Public Works Department.
    Did you know?
    The Streets Division also patches potholes and monitors manhole covers and grates. If you would like to report a pothole or a missing or damaged grate, please call us at 409-797-3630 or email..
  • chevron_rightHow to report a street light that is out
    Click Here to locate pole number.
    Click Here to report street light outage to CenterPoint
  • chevron_right· What is the role of the management company?
    The Board of Directors can engage the services of a management company to aid the Board in carrying out their responsibilities. Remember, Board members are volunteers while a management company is paid for its services. The management companies' services are retained to: Preserve assets. Maintain Value. Establish Continuity. Provide professional assistance in management and financial matters. Institute communication between the owners and the Board.  Remember the Board of Directors make the decisions.
Rules & Policies
  • chevron_right· Who determines the Rules and Policies of my association?
    Power is granted to the Board of Directors to adopt other rules and policies, but the governing documents as well as state statutes limit this authority. Rules and regulations are the operational and behavioral laws that apply directly to association residents. They clearly state acceptable and unacceptable conduct for all association members. The governing documents of your association sets forth the basic rules.