Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

Animal Control City of Galveston Regulations:

Chapter 7 Animals and Fowl Article I. In General Sec. 7-1.
Running at large prohibited (a) It shall be unlawful for any person owning, keeping o r having any animal in his possession or control to allow it to run at large upon the streets, sidewalks, beaches or public grounds of the city, or allow it to run at large upon or about the residences, lots or premises of any person other than the owner of such animal. (b) Violation: The Director of Health, or his authorized representative, may impound any animal found in violation. Animal Control Officers and Police Officers of the City of Galveston shall be authorized to detain animals that are held in violation of the ordinance and to arrest any person who attempts to prevent the detention of the animal. (Ord. No. 83-32, 1, 5-19-83; Ord. No. 88-63, 1, 6-30-88) Sec. 7-17.1.

Animal Excrement Laws
(1) Owners of animals must pick up all of their animals' excrement that is secreted off their property. (2) violations of the excremental law shall subject the owner to a fine from ten dollars ($10.00) per violation to fifty dollars ($50.00) per violation. (Ord. No. 89-95, 4, 7-6-89; Ord. No. 94-52, 2, 9-8-94)

Bicycle Regulations
Bicycles are now required to have lights if driven at night and they should also be registered with the city.

Golf Cart Regulations
Golf carts will now be ticketed if they do not comply with TxDOT rules and Galveston City Ordinances. They are as follows: 1. Golf carts must be operated by a licensed driver at all times. 2. Golf Carts must be licensed, and have "street legal" lights, horn, signals and a slow moving hazard sign. This is positively required if driven at night. Many tickets have already been issued in the amount of $220.00.

It is illegal to possess and/or operate fireworks within the city limits of Galveston. Isla Del Sol is within the city limits of Galveston. Since the fire that was started in Isla Del Sol by fireworks last July, the Police and Fire Department will be enforcing any and all violations concerning the possession and operation of fireworks.

Only permitted flags may be flown on an Isla Del Sol property. Permitted flags are defined as a flag of the United States, a flag of the State of Texas, and a flag of any branch of the United States armed forces. To review the full regulations regarding the display of flags, click here.

Rainwater Recovery Systems
Rainwater Recovery Systems may be installed with advance written approval of the Architectural Control Committee subject to certain guidelines. Click here to see the full guidelines.

Religious Item Display
A property owner or resident may display or attach one or more religious items to each or any entry to their dwelling. Such items may include anything related to any faith that is motivated by the resident's sincere religious belief or tradition. Please read the full set of guidelines regarding religious item display. Click here.

Roofing Guidelines
All buildings shall be roofed with composition shingles unless otherwise approved in writing by the Architectural Control Committee. Wood shingles are specifically prohibited for safety reason. Please review the full roofing guidelines found here.

Solar Energy Devices
Solar Energy Devices are permitted in Isla Del Sol. A solar energy device means a system or series of mechanisms designed primarily to provide heating or cooling or to produce electrical or mechanical power by collecting and transferring solar-generated energy. Please refer to the full set of guidelines for solar energy devices found here.
Lighting Guidelines
Before installing outdoor lighting.  Please look at the Lighting Guideline Policy.  Outdoor Lighting Guidelines